Kazakhstan Says It Wants To Invest in Middle Corridor

Sep 3, 2023

As trade flows between China and Europe are expected to grow, Kazakhstan plans to expand its Black Sea port capacity along the Middle Corridor in order to utilize its transport and logistics potential.

Earlier this week, Kazakh President Tokayev in his State of the Nation Address “Economic course of a Just Kazakhstan” said that the country is located at the crossroads connecting the global North and South, West and East. This is serious advantage, which opens up broad prospects.

The transport and logistics industry should become one of the engines of the country’s economic development. In the conditions of active competition, Tokayev wants that the country quickly solves the key problems and implement large railway projects, such as Dostyk-Moiynty, Bakhty-Ayagoz, Darbaza-Maktaaral, the Almaty bypass line.

The Trans-Caspian Route / Middle Corridor will play an important role in strengthening transit capacity, and Tokayev expects traffic volumes along this corridor to increase 5-fold in the medium term. To do this, he wants to join forces with partner countries, namely China, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkiye.

It is planned to build a new “dry port” at the Bakhty crossing, speed up the construction of a container hub in Aktau, and expand port facilities on the Black Sea along the Middle Corridor. The construction of Kazakh terminals in Chinese Xi’an and the Georgian port of Poti has already been launched.

Further, Kazakhstan needs a comprehensive plan for the development of maritime infrastructure, in which a separate role should be assigned to the port of Kuryk. It will have to become a full-fledged logistics cluster, such as Aktau, according to Tokayev.

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