Tulips blooming season in Kazakhstan

Apr 4, 2024

Did you know that Kazakhstan is home to the most diverse types of wild tulips in the world? Out of the 100-120 wild species known today, approximately 40 of them can be found in this Central Asian country. Tulips first originated in the mountainous regions and adjacent deserts of Kazakhstan and Central Asia over 10-20 million years ago before spreading West and North – the first tulips came to the Netherlands more than 400 years ago from Türkiye, where they were brought from Central Asia.

The Greig tulip, known as “the king of tulips,” is one of the 35 species found in Kazakhstan. This magnificent flower boasts 15-centimeter petals and a vivid blossom, and it is the ancestor of almost 300 modern varieties. Interestingly, 12 of the species found in Kazakhstan are endemic, meaning they are exclusive to this country. It’s no wonder that 18 of these species, including the Greig tulip, are listed in the Red Book of Kazakhstan.

📸 Greig tulips bloom in Turkistan: otyrar.kz & the map by The Astana Times